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We are medical and recreational marijuana supplying cooperation and got the best of high graded products and outstanding services. We aim at the provision of high graded product to all our clients that are in need and also the establishment of a long term and trust worthy business relationship with all our clients. We are top legit and reliable supplier of quality KUSH,SEEDS, WAX, and OIL. Top Medical Buds for cancer, pains, Eye problem, appetite, sleeping problem, Nausea/vomiting,Relaxing, hunger,stress,Daytime use, mild sports (e.g. Golf or PS3) and social activities,insomnia, brain problem, body- alleviates depressed states, anxiety, nausea etc.

Medical Green Buds



We only sell A&B grade Strains. Anything that is C grade is cheap, dangerous, and not well made. We see customers every day that say, “I tried that motor Bud,oil wax, and it made me sick compared to your Buds and/or concentrates.” These products need to be carefully reviewed and considered because most is made from the flower byproduct that can’t or won’t sell in retail stores.

Bolder Extracts - Cherry Airhead Shatter BHO Extracted

Bolder Extracts - XJ-13 Shatter BHO Extracted

Premium Live Resin By Vemon Wax- MIXED NUG #1 Live Resin

Premium Live Resin By Vemon Wax- Mob Boss 2015 Cannabis Cub Entry!!

Premium Live Resin By Vemon Wax- Skywalker

Nectar Bee By Infuzionz- Bubba Kush Wax THC Extraction

Nectar Bee By Infuzionz- Hash Plant Wax Marijuana Extraction

Nectar Bee By Infuzionz- Mile High Bubble Hash Non-Solvent THC Extraction

Nectar Bee By Infuzionz- Prez Boss Stomper Wax THC Extraction

TerpX- Alien Lemon G Shatter

TerpX- Alien Rock Candy

TerpX- Pre 98 Bubba

TerpX- Tahoe OG Shatter

TerpX-Lee Roy TK Shatter

Venom- Pineapple Kush Wax BHO Extraction

710 LABS - Blue Dreams Shatter BHO Oil Extraction

710 LABS - Endor Wax BHO extraction

710 LABS - Ewok Pebbles Wax BHO Concentrate

710 LABS - Fruity Pebbles BHO Concentrate

710 LABS - Platinum Shire Wax BHO extraction

710 labs - Shatter - Glass Apple

710 labs - Shatter - King Midas

710 LABS - Shire XJ Dream Shatter BHO Extraction

710 LABS - XJ Headband Shatter BHO Extraction

710 LABS - XJ Tangerine Shatter BHO Extraction

710 LABS- OG KUSH SHATTER BHO Concentrates

710 LABS- Shire headband Shatter BHO Concentrates

710 LABS- Tangerine Haze Shatter BHO Extraction

710 LABS- Wet Dreams Shatter BHO Concentrates

Better Concentrates - Shatter - Chem Dog

Better Concentrates - Shatter - Jack Flash

Better Concentrates - Shatter - Lavender Diesel

Better Concentrates - Shatter - Pandoras Box

Bolder Extracts - Cherry Diesel Wax BHO Extracted

Bolder Extracts - Daybreak Wax BHO Extraction

Premium Live Resin By Vemon Wax- GOLDEN GOAT X I.S.S. Live Resin

Premium Live Resin By Vemon Wax- Island Sweet Skunk Live Resin

Infinite Infusions- Lemon Berry Wax Butane Extraction

Infinite Infusions- Razz Alien Wax Butane Extraction

Infuzionz- Big Blue Bear Bubble Hash Non-Solvent THC Extraction

Infuzionz- Black Russian Papaya Wax

Infuzionz- Blue Ape Bubble Hash- Non Solvent Hash

Infuzionz- Blue Dream Wax

Infuzionz- Blueberry Ape Wax

Infuzionz- Blueberry Wax

Infuzionz- Bronco Bubble Hash

Infuzionz- Chem Sour Train Bubble Hash- Non Solvent Hash

Infuzionz- Cindy White Shatter

Infuzionz- Critical Chem Bubble Hash

Infuzionz- Durban Goat Wax

Infuzionz- Hybrid

Infuzionz- Tommy B. Bubble Hash- Non Solvent Concentrate

Infuzionz- Twisted Boss Wax

Mahatma- Agent Bubba Wax

Mahatma- Juicy Fruit Shatter BHO Concentrate

Mahatma- Kasmir Wax BHO Extractions

Mahatma- Orange Diesel Shatter BHO Extraction

Mahatma- Tangerine Haze Wax BHO Exctaction

Moroccan Hash- Green Crack

Native Roots - Shatter - Bruce Banner

The Growing Kitchen- Bubble Poison Wax- Sativa

The Growing Kitchen- Durban Poison Shatter- Sativa

The Growing Kitchen- Penny Blend Shatter- Indica

Infuzionz- Kief

Infuzionz- Prezy Goat Stomper Wax